Can I see the photographer’s portfolio before I book?

Of course! View all their profiles in their portfolio. You can look for photographers rated on the basis of price or rating received by them or on the basis of category defined by us like professionals, freelancers, professional studio, etc.

How long in advance should I hire photographer?

We suggest you to plan your booking at least 3 week in advance, although you can see the availability of photographer through his calendar and can make the booking in real time also. The ideal time frame to ensure you get YOUR preferred date is at least 4 weeks in advance.

Is there any limit on number of persons to hire a photographer?

This is a day model and there is no limit on number of persons who can book the photographer, however, we recommend hiring one photographer for up to 6 people in order to capture the best moments of everyone during journey. Minimum booking period is for 1 day.

Will you use my photos online without my permission?

Absolutely not, we fully respect your choice on whether to share. Any photos you see on our site are from customers who have told us ‘in writing’ that we can share their photos online. Just let us know your preference when you fill in our feedback form after your journey.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

No problem! Just inform us by email, text or phone in advance of your booking day and we will process for refund as per our policy as below:

  • More than 3 weeks – 100% refund
  • Less than 3 weeks– 85% refund
  • Less than 2 weeks– 50% refund
  • Less than 1 week– no refund will be issued (barring an emergency!) 

Refund amount can vary in case photographer is required to be reimbursed by Travographer for expenses incurred by him or her.

What if I am running late to arrive at the selected location?

This is the best part with travoGrapher, you never feel late as you are not hiring for a professional photo shoot in which time limit (e.g. 30 minutes) is there but here you get plenty of time to capture your journey moments because you have hired your photographer for a day or 8 hours and a slight delay will not affect rest of journey and you will never feel you did not utilised the service to fullest. However, we recommend informing the photographer in advance if you will arrive late at the selected location.

When will I get the photos?

We will send you all the photos within 7 days on completion of your journey through the cloud system or though a USB customised on the travoGrapher name. Along with all the digital photos, we will also send:

  • 25 photos finally edited to the perfections;
  • One 60 seconds video of your journey and;
  • A printed collage to your registered address on our website.

In case you would like us to edit your some photos, you can contact us after selecting your photos and will send you the edited Photos within one week. However, this service will chargeable at very minimal cost.

What size are the photos?

All the photos shared with you will be in high resolution.

Do I own the photos?

You have the rights to use the photos for personal use. Print them, share them and hopefully hang them on your wall. We would like to showcase your photos in our portfolio, but if you are shy, or prefer to keep them private, just let us know and we will NEVER post anything publicly. Your photographer retains the copyright.

Do I have to pay extra to receive all the photos?

NO, travoGrapher will share with you all the photos except the photos with closed eyes and improper lighting. After receiving the photos you can upload the photos in your profile on travoGrapher as per your selection.

Can I buy all of the shots that the photographer took?

There is NO NEED TO BUY the photos as here in travoGrapher as we do not charge on number of photos basis rather you have the full right to receive all the photos clicked during your booked day.

Can I book a travoGrapher photographer for a commercial project?

For questions about commercial shoots, please contact us with the details of your project. We will then send you more information about commercial pricing & list of photographers licensing options.

Can I book a travoGrapher photographer for professional photo shoot?

Travographer has been set up to provide the services of photographer to capture the natural moments of your journey and not to capture the artificial moments. However, in case you like to hire a photographer for professional photo-shoot like portrait shoot, wedding shoot, etc. We will make referrals to photographers on special request! And will reply you with the charges and availability of the photographer selected by you.

Don’t see your question? Drop us a note in contact us section! Our Concierge team will respond ASAP.